After graduating from Multimedia & Communication Technologies in 2003, I started to work at Disorder Collectiv. This educational journey helped me to create my own vision of the internet in general. I worked there on projects like Quinze & Milan, Culture Club, Club H2o, American Outfitters and many others.

In 2007 I decided to leave the Disorder Collectiv and proudly started my own company, Feel Good Inc.
I knew for sure that a few things were very important:
Aesthetics, as it has a great interest in the commercial world.
Clarity, because everyone likes to find what they’re looking for.
Flexibility, just to serve my clients the best way possible.
Knowledge, that’s why i’m keeping up with the latest technologies.

Since mid 2009 I’m trying to know as much as possible about search engines. Finding my client’s website on the internet is one of the highest requirements of the client.

For a complete solution to the branding of your company, project or private organisation, I guide you to the impression that you want to give to the world. Email marketing, logos, flyers, invitations, business cards are a big part of your image. First impression is everything, guidance or a different view can be very useful for your positive outcome approach.

I’m striving to have a long term relationship with my clients. A personal approach is necessary to have good agreements, so everyone can Feel Good…

Vince Vervliet